13.12.2017. Results of the Day. All Attention is Payed to Ethereum

December 13, 2017

13.12.2017. Results of the Day. All Attention is Payed to Ethereum

13.12.2017.The results of the day. All attention is payed to Ethereum.

BTC 16 442 $ -4.01%

13 583 600 000 $ -5%


ETH 648.18 $ + 17.96%

4 842 190 000 $ + 9%

Leaders of growth: Ethereum + 18%. NEO + 19%. Ripple + 29%.

Market review.

The digital currency market’s capitalization keeps on growing due to Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin, and has already exceeded $500 billion. Because of significant growth, Coinbase had to stop trading Ethereum and Litecoin. Besides, because of  keen interest in digital currencies in general, South Korea has urgently held a meeting  on cryptocurrency trading .

A great demand on Ethereum and Litecoin arose against the rumors of the fast launch of futures on the CME and CBOE currency data exchanges.

According to the head of the Securities Commission, Joseph Borg, many Americans have just "devastated" their credit cards for purchasing of digital currencies, in hope on rapid enrichment. Very often houses and flats are considered as mortgage properties.

Formally everything looks more than positive and no one seems to see the regulators' warnings, just the opposite everyone is rushing to get profits, not thinking of the potential risks.

Technological review.

From the technological aspect, everything remained unchanged. As historical experience shows, Bitcoin is at the top. There are no new signals, the "spring" has passed into the flat, a short-term reversal of the growing trend is possible with the withdrawal of the price below $ 15980. Now it is possible to start sale with a short stop for the nearest resistance level of $16680.

Nowadays Ethereum has achieved the maximum aim indicated  in yesterday’s review of $742.18. Further maintenance of the speculative long position is pointless. Speculators have to wait for correction and join a new wave of growth. It is obviously not worth opening short positions without waiting for a confirmation of the turn, especially on such a “hot” market.



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