Super Bitcoin: Another Bitcoin Hard Fork

December 14, 2017

Super Bitcoin: Another Bitcoin Hard Fork

On Tuesday, December 12, another hard fork, Super Bitcoin (SBTC), happened at block 498888 of the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to its creators's comments, published on their official website, this protocol update is nothing more than an experiment proposed by the Bitcoin Community.

Developers say:

"When we translate these ideas into reality, we will make Bitcoin great again."

The peculiarity of this development made by Chinese programmers is that the capacity of blocks in the chain is now increased to 8 MB. This scaling has become possible thanks to the Lightning Network technology integrated into the cryptocurrency. One should be reminded that the same technology will become the basis for another BTC hard fork - Lightning Bitcoin.

SBTC is based on the cryptographic protocol Zero-knowledge proof. The total amount of the ICO is 21 210 000 coins, 210 000 of which will be controlled by the Super BTC Foundation. By these means, the fund will encourage the users who contribute to the development of the new currency.

It is known that in addition to Super Bitcoin and Lightning Bitcoin, there have recently been announced the hard forks under the names of Bitcoin God, Bitcoin Uranium and Bitcoin Cash Plus. Also, last week there was information about the appearance of another cryptocurrency based on BTC - Bitcoin Platinum. As it soon turned out, it was just a scam project, founded by a South Korean teenager with the aim of extorting money.


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