eBay is Seriously Considering the Possibility of Paying Bitcoin

December 15, 2017

eBay is Seriously Considering the Possibility of Paying Bitcoin

Spending the most popular cryptocurrency in the world still remains a big challenge. Although there are several vendors that accept BTC directly, none of them is particularly big, except, perhaps, Overstock. In the very near future eBay seems to be going to add Bitcoin as a way of payment.

Most people who have ever dealt with eBay know the company is not too keen on alternative payment methods. The service prefers that people stick with PayPal or use bank transfers. Avoiding of potential scammers has always been the main problem for the company.

However, according to the article on Yahoo Finance, this situation may soon be changed. On the platform you can buy crypto mining equipment or any other items related to cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, for such items you need to pay in the usual way. It seems that the company is considering adding a Bitcoin payment option in the near future. There is no exact date yet when this might occur, but the company is still "only seriously considering" this option for the future.

The integration of Bitcoin payments should not be a big challenge, even to eBay. It is not clear yet, whether the site will integrate the existing payment processor, for example, BitPay, or use its own built-in solution for such payments. Moreover, the company did not indicate whether it would the charge fees in Bitcoin or they will be converted into US dollars "on the fly." There are though still many unexplained details, one thing remains clear: Bitcoin accepting can significantly help the rise in value of the company's shares.

Moreover, this means an interesting future for the Bitcoin community as a whole. At the moment, the world’s leading cryptocurrency is basically an investment tool, but it can still find its way back to being the currency. However, higher fees and frequent transactions delays can become an obstacle in this matter.


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