Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Bitcoin Investors Hope for its Further Growth

December 16, 2017

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Bitcoin Investors Hope for its Further Growth

For the period from November 9 to November 13, a startup LendEDU conducted surveys on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. 565 Americans are known to have taken part in the survey.

The results showed that about 77% of the respondents were firmly confident in the further growth of the main digital currency. Moreover, 75% of them want to increase their share, unlike the other 10% who do not have such plans.

Also, according to another poll, 31.5% of cryptocurrency owners said that they were going to sell a certain part of their savings, 40% do not plan to sell it, and the remaining 28.5% refrained from responding.

Another poll asked respondents whether they had made any purchases through Bitcoin. The results showed that about 51% of the participants confirmed that they wanted to make at least one purchase, and 30% of the respondents did not give an answer.

LendEDU representatives added that moderate regulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would reduce its volatility, but excessive regulation could lead to a decrease in the number of their supporters. When conducting a survey on this topic, more than 50% opposed strict regulation measures, but about 30% stated the opposite.

One should note that the startup already conducted a similar poll last month. At that time about a third of the surveyed Americans admitted selling their investments.


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