Bitcoin Has Grown to $32,000...

December 18, 2017

Bitcoin Has Grown to $32,000...

…in Africa.

The rate of the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world has overcome the point of $19,000 on all world exchanges though in African countries things are somewhat different.

Cryptocurrency users on the African continent bought Bitcoin at $19,000... a month ago. The prices for the cryptocurrency there are usually 30-40% higher than the world average.

According to a study conducted by, Zimbabwe, the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and a number of other countries are consistently buying Bitcoin much more expensive than the world average. Sometimes the extra charge reaches 100%. This is probably due to the fact that Bitcoin is a much more profitable asset than local currencies which are subject to hyperinflation.

At the same time, Africa is the worst place for mining. Power outage is a daily occurrence for many countries in Africa. In addition, the Internet speed in Africa is also at a very low level. To buy the cryptocurrency is also problematic as miners do not want to sell it to Africans.

It is worth noting that in any case African countries' citizens receive bitcoins and consider their accumulation to be one of the best opportunities to alleviate poverty on the continent.


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