Boeing Wants to Use Blockchain to Combat Spoofing GPS System

December 18, 2017

Boeing Wants to Use Blockchain to Combat Spoofing GPS System

A new application for a patent is filed by Boeing Corporation, thanks to which the aircraft manufacturer expects to protect the in-flight GPS receivers from outside influences, as well as to secure the flights’ safety.

The application was released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last Thursday. In this application the company details the onboard backup and anti-spoofing GPS system that would be used if the primary onboard GPS receiver does not show correct data or even stops functioning at all.

GPS spoofing - the way of attack in which an attacker sends fake signals in order to trick other receivers. The aircraft GPS receiver having undergone such an attack, may start showing the wrong location, which can lead to a real catastrophe.

According to the application, the blockchain data will play the role of a backup record of information, which will be used in the attack on GPS receivers, meanwhile it will be detected using an anti-spoofing system.

"Using the method described above, it will be possible to determine whether the GPS signal or GPS receivers are being subjected to spoofing attacks, and then restore the data with backup storage located on the locker if the GPS receiver does not receive GPS signals or receives spoofed signals" , as it is said in the statement.

The backup store in the blockchain room will serve as a source of information about the plane’s location, if pilots could not determine the real location due to GPS spoofing, providing all the necessary data. The system can be applied to both manned and unmanned type of vehicle.

This project is aimed on solving the problem related to the lack of fail-over technologies that can verify GPS data in case of failure the current system or because of the spoofing attack. Under such circumstances, pilots do not always have the ability to receive verified data, what as a result can lead to emergencies.

Lately, more and more huge corporations have submitted patent applications in which the blockchain technology is widely used. Earlier, such applications were filed by Bank of America, Apple, Sony and many others.


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