Head of Denmark's Central Bank: Bitcoin is a Deadly Threat

December 18, 2017

Head of Denmark's Central Bank: Bitcoin is a Deadly Threat

Many representatives of state and commercial banks disapprove of the cryptocurrency. Now it is the turn of Head of the Central bank of Denmark, Lars Rohde, who advised to avoid cryptocurrency, calling it a deadly threat.

"Stay away from Bitcoin. It is deadly," said Rohde.

Thus, he joined the critics who consider Bitcoin a bubble that has reached a level at which a collapse can occur at any time. Rohde says that investors who ignore the warning are at great risk, and no one can help them. Earlier, the same opinion was expressed by Director General of the Financial Conduct Authority of Great Britain.

"This is an unregulated market. There is no authority responsible here. It is people who bear all the responsibility," says Rohde.

Rohde has also become another representative of the financial world to compare Bitcoin to tulipmania.

"For me Bitcoin is tulipmania, that is, a bubble that has got out of control," said Head of the Central Bank.

Funny enough, last week it was the Danish hockey team Rungsted that signed a sponsorship agreement with Bitcoin Suisse, a cryptocurrency startup, and within the framework of this cooperation the players of the team will be paid wages in bitcoins. Do they know that it's "deadly"?


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