Thomas Petterfy: Bitcoin Will Become Even More Popular

December 20, 2017

Thomas Petterfy: Bitcoin Will Become Even More Popular

The chairman of Interactive Brokers, Thomas Peterfy, who previously considered the introduction of the CME Bitcoin futures "suicidal for the website," has radically changed his mind, and from this point believes that these crypto-derivatives can give BTC some legitimacy.

"The Bitcoin futures being on such reputable exchanges as CBOE and CME, give the cryptocurrency a great deal of reputation. I think that soon it will become even more popular than it’s been before," said Peterfy.

It is worth reminding, that if earlier he expressed his concern about the  Bitcoin’s increase in the view of its impact on the economic space, nowadays his company, Interactive Brokers, offers users to buy futures for the main digital currency.

"This is a specific product, one might even say emotional. And although I do not see any obvious reasons for the growth of this currency, I am absolutely sure that it will be heard for many years", the head of the IB said.

It is necessary to pay attention, that now there is also a dynamic show of interest in digital currency by remaining hedge funds, viewed in order to balance the risks against more conservative investments.


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