EtherDelta Hacked by Unidentified Hackers

December 21, 2017

EtherDelta Hacked by Unidentified Hackers

The team of the decentralized crypto exchange EtherDelta, based on the smart contracts of the blockchain Ethereum, reported its DNS server being hacked.

On EtherDelta's official page in Twitter an entry was published informing that at that moment the team was investigating the situation and recommended clients not to use their site, because there was a chance of duplicating the DNS original site. Malefactors managed to introduce a malicious code. They were given away by a button "chat", which was not present in the forged application.

The hackers got hold of the digital currency worth several thousand dollars, but the wallet address was identified. At the same time, the exchange team is convinced that tokens will not be lost and the users may not worry.

In early autumn, scammers created a phishing site with a virtually identical domain name, introduced a malicious Java-scrip code that gave the hackers a complete control over the client's session. The attackers spread the link in the EtherDelta chat.


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