Zombies to Teach You Programming on Ethereum

December 23, 2017

Zombies to Teach You Programming on Ethereum

The popularity of CryptoKitties has demonstrated that decentralized applications can attract a lot of attention. Created on Ethereum CryptoKitties have attracted thousands of players who use the cryptocurrency for buying, trading and breeding digital kittens. The whole logic of the game was implemented on Ethereum blockchain, and the website provides only the user interface for the game.

The interest in this game prompted Loom Network development team to create a new online learning tool CryptoZombies.

CryptoZombies is a free interactive resource that teaches developers to create and implement games using Ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity, a programming language designed for the blockchain. CryptoZombies aims at teaching developers the basics of Solidity through a series of interactive lessons.

CryptoZombies guides its users through the process of creating a game like CryptoKitties step-by-step, with each lesson focusing on different aspects of Solidity and other skills necessary to develop the blockchain.

Users do not need any background knowledge of Solidity to work with the material, though it is useful to understand the basic principles of programming and blockchain technology. Loom Network plans to release new lessons for the CryptoZombies platform every week, and soon users will be able to earn achievements and collection stickers by doing the lessons.

All lessons and coding of Solidity happen in the platform browser and are absolutely free.


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