23.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Expecting the Second Wave

December 23, 2017

23.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Expecting the Second Wave

23.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the day. Expecting the second wave.

BTC $15,240 + 14%
1 042 000 BTC

ETH $725.82 + 10.6%
$4,391,000 ETH

Growth leaders:

Bitcoin Cash + 13%

Monero + 13%

IOTA + 10%

Market Review

  • Russia will consider a draft law on the ICO.
  • Goldman Sachs will launch a trading platform for digital assets.
  • SingularityNET sold out an ICO in 60 seconds, raising $36 million.
  • Crypto investors in the United States and Russia will pay taxes.
  • FINRA warns crypto investors against fraud. (US regulatory body, created to monitor the observance of investors' rights.)
  • South Korean exchanges failed the safety test.
  • President of Belarus made a revolution, legalizing mining and cryptocurrencies. Unlike the Russian Federation and the United States, taxes on income from mining and the cryptocurrency do not exist in Belarus.

Technical view

Bitcoin has moved into a falling trend. Short of current levels is the best position. The scenario is cancelled if the price exceeds $16,000. The target range is $12,000-13,000. If a reversal pattern up is formed in the range of $14,000 - $15,000, it is possible to open a long position with a target of $22,000.

Ethereum is a complete analogy with BTC. The falling trend and an unsuccessful attempt to break through the resistance level of $730 upwards allow to open a short position with a target of $560-600. Stop above $760. The next wave of sales may be even more "bloody". Cancel the scenario - the formation of a reversal pattern in the range of $680-700.


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