A New Virus-"Miner" Spreading in Facebook Messenger

December 27, 2017

A New Virus-

A virus-"miner" Digmine has been found in the official instant messenger of the social network Facebook. Presumably, the virus originates from South Korea. It is known that at the moment Digimine' scope comprises such countries as Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Venezuela, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

According to cybersecurity experts from Trend Micro , the virus can be distributed in every versions of the application, however, the user's device can only be infected by means of a plug-in for the Chrome browser.

Digimine acts as follows:

  1. A victim receives a message from a fake user that contains a zip archive.
  2. When you open the file, a virus script is sent from a command-and-control server to the user's computer .
  3. The PC performs autostart of the downloaded virus and infects the browser.
  4. The browser executes cryptocurrency mining and sends messages with the same archive to all contacts in the victim's account.

Experts point out that although Digmine does not present much danger at the moment, there is a possiblility that the functionality of the malicious file can expand soon.


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