27.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Cryptoshort.

December 27, 2017

27.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Cryptoshort.

27.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the day. Cryptoshort.

BTC $ 14,886  -6.85%
778,700 BTC

ETH $ 724.99  -2.39%
6, 687, 000 ETH

Growth leaders:

Ripple + 12%

NEO + 2.5%

IOTA + 2.15%

Market Review.

  • Donald Trump has signed the law of the cryptocurrency taxation.
  • South Korean banks are keeping away from cryptocurrency.
  • The Bosch Venture Division supported the IOTA price.
  • When buying Bitcoin, you resist corrupt government; upper class; an outworn financial system, George Kikvadze, BitFury.                                                                                                     

Technical view.

The Bitcoin trading volume remains average. The price, having peaked this morning $ 16,480, started slowly moving down. In case of the price downturn when it goes below the support level of $ 14,000, the "flag" figure with the target of $ 9,000 can be realized.

Ethereum is trading at the lowest daily volumes since December 10. The key level is $ 750. Today, the “bulls” again failed to cross above it, which indicates their own weakness. The third unsuccessful effort to break the level up for the past three days could lead to sales. The next serious support level  is $ 480. Probably, the price may shift to that level in the near future.


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