28.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Scenario for Bitcoin is either + 114% or -36%

December 28, 2017

28.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the Day. Scenario for Bitcoin is either + 114% or -36%

28.12.2017. Market Review. Results of the day. The scenario for Bitcoin is either + 114% or -36%.

BTC $14,300 -4.39%
871,000 BTC

ETH $716.50 -1.17%
3,250,000 ETH

Growth leaders:

Ripple + 4.68%

Market Review

  • According to DataTrekResearch.com, Coinbase is for an IPO in 2018.
  • Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation: "I do not even understand what a cryptoruble is."
  • Skorobogatova (CBR) believes that they will never recognize the "crypto".
  • Regional authorities in the United States issued the first recommendation for Bitcoin investors.
  • "New money will be denationalized" - James Dale Davison, 1997.
  • Ethereum has a new hard fork, EtherZero.
  • South Korea banned anonymous cryptotrading.
  • In 2018, the ICO topic will lose its popularity - Stephan Thomas (Ripple).
  • According to the estimates of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACB) 1.5 million of Russians are involved in the crypto industry.
  • Venezuela secures its own cryptocurrency with 5 billion barrels of oil.
  • Ripple forms an association with Japanese bank card issuers.

Technical analysis

There are two scenarios for Bitcoin TA.


  1. If the price is below the range of $12,000 - $13,000, the figure "flag" will be realized, with a target of $9,000.
  2. When there is a move upwards from the level of $12,000 - $13,000, the figure "Head and shoulders" can be realized, which is often called a reversal, but in this case (with such a slope against the trend), it should be used as a continuation pattern. The target for the figure is $30,000. The best entry here is a limit buy order at $11,000. It is advisable for the especially cautious to wait for the trend to turn upwards.

Ethereum's support level is $680. It is better to forget about buying so far and wait for the reverse. When the support level is broken downwards, the next support level is $480.


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