January 5, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. Ripple Is in Flames

January 5, 2018

January 5, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. Ripple Is in Flames

Market Review.

  • R3 lawsuit to Ripple is approaching $ 20 billion.
  • Coinbase and GDAX will not include Ripple in the listing.
  • Wirex, TenX and Bitwala reported that all Visa cards they received from WaveCrest has been suspended.
  • National Bank of Poland started the campaign against cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin is 'forbidden by Islam', says the chief mufti of Egypt.
  • The central bank of Austria believes that Bitcoin should be taxed.
  • Ripple and Ethereum are correcting, the number of transactions has slightly increased.
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are growing, activity is declining.
  • It is fair to say that the hype of the beginning of the year is slowly vanishing.

Changes (24h):

BTC 16 114 $

ETH 953.06 $

XRP 2.56 $

BCH 2 437.10 $

Gainers (24h):

Bitcoin + 11.5%

Litecoin + 7.6%

Bitcoin Cash + 2.6%


Losers (24h):

Ripple -17%

IOTA -4.55%

Ethereum -2.5%

Technical view.

XRP has completed the reversal pattern, which we mentioned in yesterday's review.

Today we should pay attention to the range of 2.20 $ -2.40 $. If the price goes below this range, the long-term growing trend can be considered complete, and the possibility of a deeper correction will increase significantly. Today technical factors pointing to the continuation of the fall of XRP. They are backed up by a news background, which is adding some "fire" and boosting the signal for sale.


The BTC makes a second attempt over the month to secure above $ 16,000. If this attempt would become successful, and the price subsequently would go above $ 17,000, you can hope for the resumption of the growth. In the case of a reversing and going below a support level of $ 15,000, the possibility of dropping below $ 13,000 is increasing.


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