Details of Telegram ICO Has Leaked

January 6, 2018

Details of Telegram ICO Has Leaked

It has long been rumored that Telegram Messenger plans to develop its own blockchain project dubbed Telegram Open Network (TON).

In the earlier leaked video it is shown that the popularity of the messenger is growing rapidly: 180 million active users, 500,000 daily registrations and 70 billion of sent messages a day. 

The TON project has bold ambitions. It claims to have the capabilities to process millions of transactions per second, infinite sharding, instant off-chain transactions and the support of billions of users and thousands of decentralized applications.

Not long ago an anonymous source shared the details of its token and a roadmap of the project on the portal

According to this roadmap, TON will have a minimal viable test network, deployment of the stable version and the launch of Telegram Wallet in 2018, while additional services will be launched in 2019.

The source also said that the ICO itself will be launched in March 2018, and its Gram token will have a price of about $ 1.20.

It seems that the total supply of Gram tokens will be billions of coins. Additional services such as wallet, exchange, decentralized DNS, VPN and the support of decentralized applications are also on the agenda of the developers.

Regardless of whether the leak is reliable, Telegram ICO might become one of the most significant projects of 2018.


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