January 6, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. Facts About Ripple!

January 6, 2018

January 6, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. Facts About Ripple!

News review:

  • $1 billion market cap of Dogecoin worries the creator of this parody cryptocurrency.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland refused to service Gibraltar blockchain accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges in India will pay $1 billion in taxes.
  • Three of the world's five largest money transfer companies will implement Ripple this year.

A few facts about Ripple:

The main function of Ripple is to be a medium of exchange for cross-border payments.

Today Ripple is used by more than 100 financial companies around the world.

The average transaction cost is a hundredths of a cent.

More than 1500 transactions are processed in 1 second.

Speed of a transaction is 4 seconds.

On January 2 a transaction of 1 billion coins was made.

Ripple wallets are paid and one must have at least 20 XRP on the balance.  

Changes (24h):

BTC 16 600 $

ETH $ 1,006

XRP 2.71 $

BCH 2,618 $

Biggest gainers (24h):

Litecoin + 16.3%

Bitcoin Cash + 7.5%

Ripple + 5.9%

Technical view.

Today all major cryptocurrencies are green.

Trading volume fell by 10-40%.

The number of transactions slightly decreased.

BTC has secured above $16,000 and at the moment forms a continuation pattern. Support level is $16,000. Resistance level is $17,000. The goal in case of a breakout of the resistance level is $19,000.

XRP forms a continuation pattern in a short-term falling trend. We expect the price to continue to decline to a support level of $2.4 and to a further level of $2.2. The final goal of this correction is $1.6. The fact that today's growth took place on falling volumes only confirms the weakness of XRP and allows us to remain confident in a short position. Cancellation of the scenario: growth of a price and securing above the resistance level of $2.8.


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