5 Major ICO Launching in October

October 2, 2017

5 Major ICO Launching in October

Nowadays ICO is on the upswing. It is difficult to monitor all changes, but to find really interesting and  perspective things is more difficult. However, we indicate 5 intriguing ICOs that will be launched in October.

ENERGY MINE. This ICO is courtesy of a UK-based company called Energi Mine, founded in 2016. The company employs artificial intelligence and the blockchain to manage the energy usage of large clients, and incentivizes energy conservation through its ETK token. A decentralized platform for using energy will allow users to trade energy between themselves, and will reward participants who display energy-efficient behavior. It is important to note that the energy market is worth 2 trillion dollars, consequently, the idea of the union industry of fashion blockchain would not be lost by the largest investors.

GLADIUS. It is a project that has an aim to help users increase the security and speed of their websites. Participants exchange their computers` spare bandwidth and processing power for tokens. After that they use these tokens to pay for a private, decentralized hosting solution using the network’s collective power. This solution will render DDoS attacks and other threats harmless and create a fast, safe environment for people to work on the Internet.

DETHER. It is a platform that can answer the important question: how do we get regular people to use cryptocurrency? Dether makes it possible for people to purchase Ethereum with cash, either online or from anyone who already has it. Any cryptoholder may become a seller and earn money using an available way. The sellers, for example, mobile ATMs, are displayed on the card and sell the cryptocurrency for Fiat around the world at any time. Furthermore, the application points the closest shops and cafes, where you can pay using your smartphones.

EOS. EOS provides a smart contract infrastructure that can process over 100,000 transactions per second. It will be largely interesting and useful for B2B, this fact is a good sign for investors.

CANYA. As for CANYA, it is a platform, where people can tender their services and hire employees, and they use cryptocurrency CanYa Coins for payment.


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