January 8, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. WinterFall

January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018. Market Review. Results of the Day. WinterFall

Changes (24h):

BTC $ 14,822

ETH $ 1,099

XRP 2.456 $

BCH 2 328 $

Biggest gainer (24h):

Ethereum + 9.2%

Technical analysis.

Today main cryptocurrencies predictably continued to fall.

The volume of trading and the number of transactions continued to decline.

The only exception is Ethereum which grew against the market on increased volumes.

Today XRP reached the previously set goal of $2.2. Another downward momentum is possible with a target price of $1.6-$1.8, but only after a slight upward bounce. Today when the price dropped to $2, you were able to take profit from short positions, but if you missed that, then continue to keep the shorts, because with the falling trend there are no other options! Cancellation of the scenario: increasing of the price and securing of it above the resistance level of $2.8. It is worth to note that the drop of XRP and some other cryptocurrencies may be tied to the fact that CoinMarketCap has ceased to include the rates of Ripple and some other coins from Korean exchanges. Owing to this, rates has fallen and some inexperienced "traders" began to massively "pour off" their cryptocurrency.



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