Jamie Dimon Regrets Criticizing Bitcoin

January 9, 2018

Jamie Dimon Regrets Criticizing Bitcoin

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon who in addition to his main activity is known for his negative statements about cryptocurrencies has admitted that he regrets the words he said about it earlier.

Back in September 2017 Dimon called Bitcoin a 'fraud' and everyone who buys it 'stupid people who will pay the price for it one day.' 4 months later he decided to confess.

"I regret making this comments," he said on Fox Business.

Despite criticicm of Bitcoin, Dimon has always been a fan of the blockchain technology. His opinion on this technology has not changed over the time.

Dimon said:

"The blockchain is real. You can have crypto yen and dollars and stuff like that. ICO's you have to look at individually. The bitcoin to me was always what the governments are gonna feel about bitcoin as it gets really big, and I just have a different opinion than other people."

However, JPMorgan Chase CEO added that although he regrets the words he said about cryptocurrency, he still does not have any interest in this subject.

It is noteworthy to mention, than the bank JPMorgan Chase considering giving its customers an access to Bitcoin futures trading on CME Group's exchange.


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