Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 in 2018

January 12, 2018

Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 in 2018

CEO of Bitcoin China Bobby Lee is optimistic about the future of Bitcoin despite the fact that his exchange, which was the longest-running one, was closed by the Chinese authorities. However, he is convinced that Bitcoin will grow to $150,000 by 2021 and the $100,000 mark will be overcomed by the cryptocurrency this year. 

Lee also gave Hong-Kong investors a piece of advice. He thinks that it would be better for them to keep a small share of their assets in Bitcoin.

He said:

"My advice to Hong Kong investors is to hold at least one percent of their assets in it, in the interests of diversifying their assets. Hong Kong is better than China, because you have no foreign exchange controls."

He pointed to several additional mistakes that are typical for investors in the cryptocurrency field: insufficient purchase amount, hesitation, panic selling and selling after a small profit. 

Speaking about Bitcoin rally in 2017, Lee believes that it was caused by the inevitable fall of monetary authorities of the world and because of a limited supply of Bitcoin. 


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