ETH and ETC Expecting Hard-forks

January 15, 2018

ETH and ETC Expecting Hard-forks

EtherZero hard-fork is to come at 4396270 block in Ethereum on January 19.

As follows from the project’s official site, gross volume of issued coins will make 194 million ETZ. In addition, ETH owners will get new currency at one-to-one ratio.

Just like Ethereum, the new currency protocol makes use of the same Ethlash algorithm with Proof-of-Work confirmation system in it. Compared to ETH, ETZ with the same block size of 2 Mb is going to have one more (which is 4 instead of 3) block rewarded while mining. Expected block generation time is 10 seconds.

EtherZero is to provide for no-fee instant transactions. What is more, currency holders with more than 20 000 tockens may become masternodes.

Such crypto exchanges as Binance, OKEx, Bittrex, Bitfinex,, Exmo, etc. have already claimed to support the new currency.

It is to be mentioned that Callisto, a hard-fork for Ethereum Classic, is also expected to come soon, approximately on March 5 this year at 5 500 000 block. All ETC owners will also be able to get CLO on one-to-one-basis. Callisto is intended for testing Blockchain-based trial protocols.


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