Largest Crypto Exchange Moves From China to South Korea

January 20, 2018

Largest Crypto Exchange Moves From China to South Korea

OKCoin, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China, is to launch its trading site at the South Korean market.

It cooperates with big diversified company NHN Entertainment to provide competition for local trading platforms like Bithumb, Korbit, UpBit and CoinOne. Doing this it aims at getting sufficient resources and funds for solving problems on that market. OKCoin also plans integrating up to 60 cryptocurrencies during platform launch which leaves behind all local exchanges altogether.

The OKCoin chairman Chris Lee has claimed the company employs 100 full-time developers at the moment and the platform is going to become a global crypto exchange. Lee made it a point that South Korean market is another significant step towards full-scale expansion worldwide.

Amid recent ban on crypto trading by the government the platforms in China began outspreading in other Asian regions as well including Japan and South Korea.


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