Nasdaq to Make Own Unique Bitcoin Futures

January 23, 2018

Nasdaq to Make Own Unique Bitcoin Futures

Adena Friedman, the president and CEO of Nasdaq, has shared the ideas on Bitcoin futures the company plans to allot soon. As she said, the exchange is aimed at its product to differ from what the competitors offer.

«We are continuing to investigate the idea of a cryptocurrency futures (contract) with a partner and we continue to look at the risk management around that, making sure we are putting the right protocols in place, making sure there’s proper demand, and that the contract is different from what’s already out there», Friedman said to CNBC.

The Nasdaq rivals are CME Group and Cboe exchanges that started Bitcoin futures sales last December. Yet Friedman assures, the Nasdaq contracts are to be otherwise, and be more like investments rather than test shares.

Let us remember that the American exchange plans for issuing its own Bitcoin futures went public at the turn of the year. The assumed market appearance date is the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile Cboe and CME see their own futures launch successful and consider offering similar contracts for other cryptocurrencies.


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