Opera Adds Cryptojacking Protection in Mobile Browsers

January 24, 2018

Opera Adds Cryptojacking Protection in Mobile Browsers

Not long ago, Opera added cryptojacking protection in its desktop browsers. Now, the time to make another step has come and the company released an update with the same feature for its mobile browsers on Monday.

Anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is available in Opera Mini (Android, iOS) and Opera (Android) browsers. This feature is automatically activated once a user activate a built-in adblocker in any of these browsers. To activate the adblocker itself users have to go to settings and enable this option.

Hidden cryptocurrency miners on websites can slow down the performance of most of the devices. It was recently reported that more than 1 billion of users have become victims of cryptojacking, and Opera has the same numbers. Many users do not even realise that miners use their computers, phones or tablets to steal computing power and secretly mine cryptocurrencies. Devices suffer from processor overload, since cryptojackers use them at 100% capacity. Needless to say, that this may lead to the overheat of a device which, in turn, may lead to a permanent damage. 


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