Top 6 Cryptocurrencies by StockTwits

October 3, 2017

Speculators and investors all over the world have shown increasing interest in cryptocurrency over the past few years. StockTwits is a platform which integrates a lot of price tools for some of today’s top stocks and cryptocurrencies. Analysis of articles on StockTwits will spot cryptocurrencies that other users prefer.


This currency has only existed for a few weeks, but it has already got a vast number of users. Although the use cases for Bitcoin Cash have yet to be identified, speculators are making good profit by carefully manipulating the price right now.

5. NEO

It is a marvel that this cryptocyrrency is on this list, but numbers tell their own tale. Both unstable price movements and delightful prospects has made NEO an incredibly popular altcoin among hundreds of others.


The Ripple price has skyrocketed at the beginning of this year. Many analysts state that Ripple should not be overlooked whatsoever. However, what the future holds for Ripple is still a question.


After activation of SegWit minute on the network, percents and interest rates of Litecoin increased a hundredfold. In spite of the fact that the price of Litcoin has lost some of its glory over the past few weeks, it is on the third place of this top.


it is reasonable to expect that Ethereum is on the second place. The first place may be more obviously, but Ethereum has earned high opinion. This year is lucky for the phenomenon of ICO and Ethereum.


It's no wonder that the world’s leading cryptocurrency is also the most-tracked currency on StockTwits. The resource demonstrates that at the moment public interest in Bitcoin is at a high level.


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