Used-To-Be Bitcoin Critic to Crypto Exchange Consultor

January 26, 2018

Used-To-Be Bitcoin Critic to Crypto Exchange Consultor

Former member of Commodity Futures Trading Commission Bart Chilton who would claim crypto industry must be under control to keep on developing opted for rectifying the situation himself and became Omega One crypto exchange consultant.

Within the scope of employment Chilton is focused on the points of cryptocurrency regulation in both USA and abroad with the view of attracting individual and institutional investors to the platform.

In his e-mail to CoinDesk publishing house Chilton told what made him doing so. As he said, Alex Gordon-Brandor, CEO of Omega One, and he see eye to eye about crypto industry being in need of appropriate regulation which is to facilitate its future development.

Chilton’s background may well be of great help for Omega One as he had been working for Commodity Futures Trading Commission for seven years and has extended experience that may come in handy for developing of this branch.

It is to be remembered that Chilton admitted recently he wished he invested into Bitcoin some years ago and advised his friends doing the same. What is more he repeatedly called for drafting effective cryptocurrency regulating policy which may provide protection of investors. This is going to make the sector more popular as would-be participants of the market will see guaranteed legal protection.


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