Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating Released

January 26, 2018

Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating Released

Weiss, independent rating agency, has made public its report as 74 cryptocurrencies were graded by letter rate scale.

According to the document, none got the highest A rating. Ethereum and EOS received B ratings. Weiss mentioned currency operation rate and timely modernized technologies as some of ETH upsides.

Bitcoin was given C rating. As the agency put it, this is because it has some deep problems in internal net thus causing recurrent work delays and high commission fees during transactions. In addition, it was indicated that despite endless attempts to remove these shortcomings Bitcoin still does not have off-the-shelf mechanism for swift code modifying.

Cardano and NEO were rated B-, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic got C, while Bitcoin Cash received C-. D rating was given to Novacoin and Salus.

As the report explains, As and Bs can be read as recommended to buy. C rating is no cause for concern as it means the asset is to be held and kept. Ds and Es say the asset is better to be sold.

Weiss representative claimed, they used special computer model that considered four criteria while rating – base, risk, technology and reward indexes.


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