Guardtime Presents New Crypto Asset Storage Product

January 26, 2018

Guardtime Presents New Crypto Asset Storage Product

Guardtime security company together with Metaco Blockchain startup have released a new product for managing cryptocurrency assets.

The project called «Silo» was presented in Geneva earlier this week. It combines software from Metaco and Guardtime developed hardware for unauthorized access protection.

Metaco’s Chief Financial Officer Adrien Treccani mentioned it his statement security threats existing in crypto industry and a number of hackings and frauds clearly illustrate the situation.

“SILO, built exclusively for financial firms, solves this problem and allows individuals to trade cryptocurrencies with true peace of mind while extending the role of banks as custodians into the future”, Treccani notes.

Companies like Guardtime which partnered up with US Navy some time ago continue approaching Blockchain technology more seriously and suggest newer solutions for crypto market.


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