Apple Co-founder Claims to Have Sold All Bitcoins

January 26, 2018

Apple Co-founder Claims to Have Sold All Bitcoins

As Steve Wozniak said, “I don’t want to be one of those people who just watches the numbers.”

Wozniak used to buy assets driven by his interest only when they didn’t cost much and Bitcoin price was just about $700. He said this was just an experiment for him, he just wanted to know how to sell and buy “these things”.

The whole buzz about cryptocurrency appealed to him until its volatility gave rise to some concerns. It is to be noted that Wozniak sold all his Bitcoins at a profit in the end of 2017 when BTC cost was quite high.

Wozniak also states Bitcoin is better than gold and regular currencies for a number of reasons.

“Every single transaction is noted and saved, and that probably has a lot of good security and traceability and looking-back aspects to it ... That's probably why a lot of banks are interested in it”, he noted.


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