Fundstrat Analysts: Altcoin Growth is Over

January 28, 2018

Fundstrat Analysts: Altcoin Growth is Over

Over the last few months up to 78% of tokens with small market cap have risen by more than 200%. As the Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC experts believe, such a fierce growth of altcoins won’t happen again this year.

The Fundstrat strategists say, rapid increase of small tokens has always resulted in large currencies growth over the last four years. This time however, as the Fundstrat research, the three most inviting currencies are EOS, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The experts claim the total fall of cryptocurrency market recently to be quite reasonable “given the strength of the gains seen in 2017, particularly in the back half. But a notable shift is taking place toward large-cap and more established tokens, which we believe is potentially the start of a multi-month rotation”.


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