Official Statement: Bitcoin as 2018 G20 Summit Key Topic

January 29, 2018

Official Statement: Bitcoin as 2018 G20 Summit Key Topic

European Central Bank has set Bitcoin as the staple point for 2018 World Economic Forum.

Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of the Economy and Finance, shared his wish to regulate Bitcoin at the legal level and said to bring this issue up at G20 Forum. British Prime Minister and US Secretary of the Treasury are known to stand in full solidarity with him on this point and believe the actions must be joint. In addition, American politician John Kerry made his statement about the technology which is sure to have its value and seek more attention.

Swedish Central Bank Governor has claimed it her turn that she sees no need in intensifying digital currencies regulation as they do not meet the definition of money.

Whatever the case, representatives of all countries are of the same opinion that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are to play pivotal role at 2018 G20 Summit.

Let us remind you that the summit conference is to be held for the first time within the territory of South America, to be more exact, in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The date of 2018 G20 hasn’t been settled yet, approximately the first weeks of May, June and July.


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