Celebrities Available Now for ETH

January 29, 2018

Celebrities Available Now for ETH

Cryptocurrency users now have a new way to amuse themselves. With new CryptoCelebrities project ETH holders can purchase their own Vladimir Putin, Vitalik Buterin and other celebrities.

The idea is similar to that of Crypto Kittes, but this time the “kitties” are cards with notable people, and it is more like trading cards rather than “pokemons”. The project itself is based on rising ratios principle. Smart contract is drafted in the way that a card can be bought from any user at a good price regardless of his wish, which means a person cannot withdraw from selling.

The most sought after character now is Donald Trump (at 30 ETH) with Vitalik Buterin second to him (24 ETH).

It is worth mentioning that developers keep in mind the celebrities themselves and are ready to pay 3% of each card with their name sold if they wish.


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