Former US Senator: Bitcoin Can Change World

January 30, 2018

Former New Hampshire Governor and three-term senator Judd Gregg believes Bitcoin can alter the idea of currency in general and become the start of new money era.

Gregg published his point in The Hill having drawn a parallel between Bitcoin and gold. He noted, gold is valued highly for rarity and bank recognition while Bitcoin is for trust of those who hold it.

Gregg adds, the ground difference between the currency and the precious metal is that Bitcoin is controlled by neither governments nor central banks which makes it being considered as perfect currency of the future.

As he said, if everybody around the globe admit Bitcoin and its offsprings possessing actual value new era of money will begin while finding cryptocurrency legal payment means may produce a mind-blowing effect.

Despite all this, Gregg sees USD as being of ultimate importance for the world economy so it is impossible to foretell the moment dollar ceases playing key role in global commercial sector.

US authorities have started placing greater focus upon cryptocurrencies recently. US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin claimed at World Economic Forum in Davos, Bitcoin is now inspected by the department whether it is used for illegal activities.


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