New Platform for Bitcoin Suspicious Activity Tracking

January 30, 2018

One of the top Blockchain solution providing companies Bitfury has launched its new Crystal service. The platform had been in the works for two years and, as its creators assert, is able to sever all ties of Bitcoin with criminal underworld forever.

The service features a set of tools for detecting malpractice in Bitcoin net. The set offers the users its own risk assessment system which uncovers and provides detailed analysis of suspicious operations and transmission paths. With possible correlations found Crystal is able to define would-be criminal participants.

The platform tools allow for independent surveillance for Bitcoin addresses for some period and making up varied reports on transactions conducted via them. They can also identify location and purpose of these operations.

"The industry needs some very user-friendly tools so that you can track bitcoin transactions and see if this bitcoin address that you're getting money from is green or black…We are analyzing the web, we are analyzing the forums, we are analyzing different kinds of sources, and combining this information and getting some kind of result if this transaction is risky or not," Vavilov said.

He added, Crystal helps making significant step towards more secure and radiant crypto future.

The version for private users is already available while the corporate one with advanced transaction protection to be released in the coming March.


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