Hong Kong to Provide Crypto Security Education on TV and Subway

January 31, 2018

Investor Education Center (IEC), affiliated company to Hong Kong Security and Futures Commission (SFC), together with Financial Cervices and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) has launched state educational campaign on cryptocurrency security for citizens.

City subway annunciation system as well as local social networks and TV will be telling on risks and rules of investing in cryptocurrencies and ICO.

“The Government aims to provide the public with a correct and comprehensive understanding of ICOs and ‘cryptocurrencies’, so that they can thoroughly assess the risks before making transactions or investment decisions” as Joseph Chan, Undersecretary of FSTB, noted.

IEC is also reported to launch its own website on cryptocurrencies called Chin Family.

Let us recall that last September SFC recognized ICO-tokens as securities, last month the regulatory body claimed it considers allowing qualified investors to acquire Bitcoin futures.


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