Chernobyl Nuclear Waste Helped to Improve Zcash

January 31, 2018

Nuclear waste generated by the Chernobyl disaster was used by the developers of zcash cryptocurrency. They utilized the waste in their latest privacy-assuring ceremony. 

Last weekend, two zcash developers Ryan Pierce and Andrew Miller, completed a ceremony called "Powers of Tau", where they generated random numbers using nuclear waste from Chernobyl site.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the process, it happened on board of a private aircraft, that was flying at an altitude of 900m above the sea level. These measures was taken to prevent attackers from accessing the generated code and spoiling it. 

Andrew Miller said that a graphite moderator was used as the source for low-level gamma and beta radiation. This graphite moderator was a part of the core of the Chernobyl nuclear facility, which was destroyed in a catastrophic nuclear accident in April 1986. Miller assures that the moderator emitted a very low level of radiation, which can not harm anyone's health. 

During the entire process, a Geiger tube was utilized that was connected to a number generator. It used radioactive impulses to create random numbers that were added to the code. In order to prove that the radioactive source generates random pulses, Miller and Pierce connected a battery to the data collector and made a comparison. 

In theory, as a result of this ceremony an absolutely random and private piece of code was generated that can be used to build zcash.


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