$ 71.41



$ 668 747 740

Объём (24ч):

$ 662 169 922

Количество (в обращении):

9 365 559 DASH

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Обменять Dash

Dash is an open source decentralized digital currency, the first decentralized autonomous organization in history. The cryptocurrency was launched in January 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin. Dash is based on a two-tiered system: regular miners and masternodes. In order to run a masternode, users are required to own 1,000 DASH and to have necessary technical capabilities. Masternodes verify transactions, act as shareholders, and have the right to vote on proposals for improving the ecosystem of Dash. In addition to regular transactions, Dash offers users two other types of transactions. InstantSend allows to make transactions faster, by bypassing mining, and PrivateSend allows to make untraceable transactions. Dash utilizes the X11 hashing algorithm, that protects it from ASIC devices.