$ 344.28



$ 6 014 886 272

Объём (24ч):

$ 99 582 606

Количество (в обращении):

17 470 914 XMR

Самый простой способ обменять Monero - это использовать наше приложение Totalcoin.

Обменять Monero

Monero is one of the most anonymous and independent cryptocurrencies. XMR is a fork of Bitcoin and was created by Riccardo Spagni, Daniel Bernstein and Francisco Cabanas. One of the main features of Monero is the ring signature, which obscuring sender, recipient and the amount of every transaction. Although the tracking of transactions in Monero blockchain is nearly impossible, the code of the cryptocurrency is fully functional. This makes XMR more anonymous than Dash. Another distinction of Monero from Bitcoin is the way of mining. XMR uses CryptoNight algorithm, which is based on the system of unique commands for x86 CPUs.

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