Top-5 Altcoins for Your 2018 Portfolio

Top EOS Stellar Lumens Steem NEM Verge

With new cryptocurrencies reaching one-billion-a-year cap and Bitcoin continuously losing its market dominance a growing number of investors give heed to altcoins. This article summarizes five cryptocurrencies with huge growth prospects in the upcoming year.

Warning! It is not to state that these currencies will make you grow rich, but it is irrational to deny opportunities they have.

  • NEM

One point that distinguishes NEM from many of its rivals is efficient blockchain. Ripple, one of the most popular and successful alternatives to Bitcoin, has made it due to transactions improvement measures. NEM, on the contrary, possesses a scalable technology adjustable to many sectors. Since October 2017 NEM cost has risen fivefold. And despite recent theft of $523 mln in NEM tokens investors are still feeling interest in this currency with 20% per day.

  • Steem

Steem is a unique spectacle on the crypto market. The matter is that this token “feeds” Steemit, a social Blockchain-platform, where users design and process the content. There is elaborate voting system rewarding authors and supervisors.

  • EOS

EOS is a creation of Dan Larimer, cofounder of Steem. Larimer is rather gifted developer, so EOS’ future is believed to be quite radiant. Just consider, the currency has shot up from $3 to $14,6 since December.

In effect, EOS resembles an operation system where developers can create new tokens. Holding EOS share is equal to possessing claim to server resources. Some people say EOS may well become one of the largest altcoins owing to its striking potential.

  • Verge (XVG)

Verge was developed to help people conducting daily transactions. It was built with Blockchain as basis and is to allow businesses and individuals for fast and private transactions.

Just like Monero, Verge is anonymous and hides users’ IPs. With its Simple Payment Verification technology it can conduct transactions in 5 seconds.

  • Stellar (XLM)

At the moment this article is being written Stellar is sold at a bit more than $0.46 per token. Nonetheless this cryptocurrency has got room for improvement. Stellar works at flash-like blockchain which finishes transactions in few seconds. It is also linked with fiat currency that guarantees fast exchange with various currencies. What is more, Stellar has started ICO with the first one to take place lately and gathering over $30 mln. Experts claim the number of ICO on this platform to grow rapidly in the course of this year.