Reviews of Totalcoin wallet

All reviews were submitted by our users at Totalcoin's GooglePlay page. We do our best to create the world's ultimate crypto service!

Булат Найманов

July 30, 2021

The application is convenient, I like it

Ольга Егорова

July 30, 2021

There are many scam traders here. They cheat. Admins cannot do anything. UNRELIABLE TOTALCOIN

Здравствуйте. Это ложь. Если вы будете внимательны и осторожны, то вас не смогут обмануть. Потерять свои деньги можете только вы.

googlegoogle googlegoogle

July 30, 2021

who will help me make money? ...

Сергей Муханов

July 29, 2021

Everything is simple and clear 5+

Наталия Яковлева

July 29, 2021

Convenient application. Everything works.

Falcon S

July 29, 2021

For the third day already I can not receive money, confirmations are zero !!!!!!

Артем Башкатов

July 28, 2021

For some reason I can’t enter the application! When you open the application, it downloads and nothing else.


July 28, 2021

Well, I think you need to try

Mr. Mario

July 27, 2021

Just. Reliable. Comfortable.

валерий разумный

July 27, 2021

Never register this wallet. All your money will be lost. NEVER!!!

Алексей Пугачев

July 26, 2021

Great app, instant support - your chat!

Дмитрий Журавлев

July 26, 2021

Great app

Александра руденко

July 26, 2021

Hello, please tell me why I can not open the application for 5 days, it constantly loads and does not open?

Николай Гробов

July 26, 2021

👍💪 And the main thing is reliable, use it.


July 26, 2021

Comfortable. Fast . Please add Litecoin purchase

Павел Бугаев

July 26, 2021



July 25, 2021

Nice Interface , Once I Can Buy Coins Using Naira # And My Account Verified Will Rate It Five Stars .


July 25, 2021

Even registration is not possible

Olga Gergel

July 24, 2021

A smart exchanger, everything is simple and clear, and most importantly quickly

Benadine Waldeck

July 23, 2021

Not nice