Reviews of Totalcoin wallet

All reviews were submitted by our users at Totalcoin's GooglePlay page. We do our best to create the world's ultimate crypto service!

Миня Фомкин

March 29, 2020


Игорь Павлиого

March 29, 2020

Let all the money changers write the conditions, generally akhuel with these viruses, before they took the balance of communication

Rhealyn Matilla

March 29, 2020


Александр Друзь

March 28, 2020

Why support is not around the clock, in case of a problem you have to wait until morning

Здравствуйте. Со временем, мы сделаем поддержку круглосуточной.

Abdalla Fx

March 28, 2020

Is legit 100%

Артур Ю

March 28, 2020

The application seems to be nothing, but no security, on one beautiful day the whole amount was left from the wallet, since there were about 1000 rubles there! Support answer without razdratelstva "You yourself sent"! So guys think before you install!

Здравствуйте. Деньги не могут отправиться сами. Кроме того, есть отдельный пункт безопасность. Если вы потратите минуту своей жизни для защиты своих средств, с ними ничего не сможет произойти даже в теории.

Cuddles Anonymous 767

March 28, 2020

Fraudsters ... Blocked access at the crucial moment, did not receive money and took all btc. I do not recommend, stay away from such exchangers, they can throw it here, especially if you sell bitcoin. Do you want to stay with your nose, you are here, if not, then run away from here, fools.

Здравствуйте. Мы никогда не блокируем аккаунт просто так. Если вы были заблокированы, то за мошенничество. Если же была другая причина, то напишите на [email protected], мы решим вашу проблему.

Сергей Кравцов

March 27, 2020

Yeah I read the reviews. This is nonsense))) Try another provider, this is not us, this is the Internet, go through a VPN and other nonsense. If the provider blocks you, then there is already a reason and reason for this. A self-respecting service provider will not allow such incidents. Definitely scammers, this is 100% infa, and positive reviews have been paid. Support answers speak for themselves. There is no need to recognize anything, the support service is everything that can already be recognized in its responses.

Dilip Rishidev

March 27, 2020

Nice app

Vgfggcc Ggxgg

March 27, 2020

The bomb application. Moderators resolve the issue in 5 minutes. And always in fairness. I almost lost 150 thousand, I just wrote to the moderator, I immediately took action, thank you very much.

Спасибо за отзыв. К сожалению, так везёт не всем и не во всех сервисах. Будьте осторожны.