Reviews of Totalcoin wallet

All reviews were submitted by our users at Totalcoin's GooglePlay page. We do our best to create the world's ultimate crypto service!

Irina Babikova

May 26, 2020


Ольга Захарова

May 26, 2020

There is no normal help when I installed the pin code, the application began to ask me to log in again daily, and the pin code does not ask me every time. It is not clear where the cue ball is stored, how to set a passphrase, etc., it would be nice to describe all this in the detailed help. And the rest is more than satisfied, everything is simple, understand how to buy and sell, all that is needed for convenience is.

Здравствуйте. 1. Обновите приложение до самой последней версии. Постоянные разлогины - был баг прошлой версии. 2. Мы не предоставляем приватный адрес. Сид фраза не нужна. 3. В приложении есть поддержка. Там можно задать любой вопрос.

Denis lima

May 26, 2020

Good season of congratulations, I started to use little but 2 weeks after a better evaluation time.

Andreas Apelqvist

May 26, 2020

Does not recommend Totalcoin. Few offers and the few that are available are much more expensive than the daily price if you want to buy or much lower if you want to sell.


May 26, 2020

You can make good money on commissions. An excellent platform for additional income. The main thing is to have a financial turnover.

Шамиль Зиявдинов

May 26, 2020

Great application I put 5

Ola Kim

May 26, 2020

A mobile application that allows you to make a pleasant impression is just a class sitting and does not respond just a class to all Internet users I advise you to look and use the services of the service

Svetlana Phrolenko

May 26, 2020

Interesting application. Thanks to the developers. I recommend to all.

Денис Лясецкий

May 26, 2020

He brought out the cue ball through the mixer, after 8 hours they should have come to the wallet, but there is already no second day. They just simply insolently wash the cue ball and rob people! The application is complete g. !!! There cannot be such a blockchain download so that tiny amounts (uploaded for verification) do not go through AT ALL! The operators are not responding, the attitude of the site is simply disregarding. Not a single transaction passed in TWO DAYS!

Здравствуйте. У вас есть id транзакции. Вы можете в любой момент времени посмотреть где ваши биткойны. Каким образом мы связаны со скоростью? Пожалуйста, прежде чем писать такое, хотя бы попытайтесь разобраться в проблеме и в том, как устроен биткойн. Вы отправили с копеечной комиссией. Ваши транзакции не нужны Майнерам. Причем здесь мы?

Saju Ahmed Ahmed

May 26, 2020