Top 10 Richest People in Crypto World

Top Buterin bitcoin

Forbes has made up a rating of those who has grown richer for cryptocurrencies. The list includes people with fortune of millions and billions of dollars.

While assessing the amount of money made at digital asset rate changes they considered informationless character of crypto operations, volatility and digital wallets insecurity compared to banking systems.

Here are the Top-10 wealthiest market players:

  • Chris Larsen (57 y.o.) – $7.5 – 8 bln

Chris is the richest and most experienced crypto billionaire, a cofounder to Ripple, one of the most widespread digital currencies and among the wealthiest Americans. Net profit of 17% Ripple shares he holds have been taken into account here.

  • Joseph Lubin (53 y.o.) – $1 – 5 bln

Pride of being second best is given to Canadian entrepreneur Joseph Lubin, cofounder for Ethereum and establisher of Consensys studio which maintains the coin.

  • Changpeng Zhao (41 y.o.) – $1 – 2 bln

Zhao made his crypto billion fortune within about half a year. To date he is Director of Chinese Binance crypto exchange. Zhao gained his working experience at OKCoin and Bloomberg.

  • Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron (36 y.o.) – $900 mln – 1.1 bln

It was in 2007 when the brothers won gold medal at the Pan-American Games and came to fame. Today however they are significant investors to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Brian Armstrong (35 y.o.) – $900 mln – 1 bln

Brian founded and also worked as a programmer at and AirBNB. Today he is a cofounder to the top American exchange Coinbase headquartered in California. In 2017 he was included into the Top-10 most influential young businessmen according to Fortune. 

  • Anthony Diiorio (43 y.o.) – $750 mln – 1 bln

The 6th best became another Ethereum cofounder and initiator of JAXX and Decentral. In 2012 Anthony was lucky enough to meet Vitalik Buterin which altered his life drastically. It was that moment after which he began investing extensively into cryptoassets Qtum, Vechain and Zcash.

  • Valery Vavilov (38 y.o.) – $500 – 700 mln

A programmer from Kiev, founder of BitFury, which is engaged into developing hardware for crypto market operations.

  • Charles Hoskinson (30 y.o.) – $500 – 600 mln

Hoskinson realized his fortune after 5 years of hard work. He is a founder of IOHK company and one of originators of Ethereum. Today IOHK is a public platform for smart contract creating.

  • Brad Garlinghouse (47 y.o.) – $400 – 500 mln

CEO of American company Hightail, President for customer applications at AOL and Senior Vice President of Yahoo. He possesses 6.3% of Ripple shares.

  • Vitalik Buterin (24 y.o.) – $400 – 500 mln

Vitalik is the youngest and the most prominent man of the list. Driven by his innate curiosity he studied Bitcoin net and established his own Ethereum net afterwards.

P.s. No doubt, these people are not the richest players at the crypto market. We do know nothing of many who hold huge crypto sums. Right now somebody may well keep billions of dollars on his flash drive like, say, …

  • Extra-position: Satoshi Nakamoto (??? y.o.) – ~$8 – 25 bln.

Not a whole lot is known of the man who initiated this cryptocurrency fever. He is likely to keep 1 bln BTC and sheer number of altcoins in his wallet.