Blockchain for Everyone, or What Is Komodo

blockchain Komodo

Some of you might have already heard about Komodo before. This project is quite interesting, although most of the people do not know, how this technology is actually being used right now. If developers get to implement all their ideas, then Komodo will play a key role in the future of cryptocurrency. Atomic swaps and the opportunity to create blockchains for everyone are the main focuses of the developers. 

Komodo is definitely an ambitious project for the one, that positions itself as an "end-to-end blockchain solution". Developer team wants to provide everyone with an opportunity to simply and intuitively understand how to create independent blockchains and decentralized initial coin offerings (dICO) via their Modular Platform. 

Komodo has several key advantages as an end-to-end blockchain solution.

First of all, users will be able to create a completely independent blockchain network, connected to the whole Komodo ecosystem. However, none of these independent networks will be limited by Komodo's capabilities. In fact, this modular approach offers many opportunities. 

Safety and privacy are one of the main priorities of Komodo. It uses a delayed PoW algorithm, which helps to improve overall security level. This algorithm also allows one to create a data backup on a blockchain, which later will be verified in the Bitcoin's blockchain. 

Moreover, developers of Komodo position the project as a simple and affordable blockchain platform. They are aware that other developers want to create their own applications without any worries about some minor things than can take a lot of time and energy.

So to summarize, Komodo developers are creating a platform which will allow anyone, who is not familiar with programming or with how the blockchain technology works, to create own decentralized chain in just a few minutes. This platform also supports dICO and atomic swaps without any difficulties. 

Although, it is unclear whether this platform will open the door for blockchain technology in the mainstream economy, but this project is definitely an interesting one, that is why it should not be ignored.