“Coin for Creative Ones” or What Po.et Is

Po.et new cryptocurrency blockchain

Despite continuously growing figures the content-making industry still remains highly centralized and monopolized by huge corporations. The Po.et project is trying to change the situation while allowing for the creators to possess their content. Using blockchain technology for this purpose seems to be promising and may produce positive effect on the whole industry.

  • What is the core of Po.et?

In the times of Internet it is rather hard demanding proper use of own creative works, but Po.et is likely to change this quite soon. The creators may generate permanent and temporary titles for their projects by registering their assets in the Po.et network. Metadata mark remains safe and verifiable at any time which makes the project worthy of mentioning.

  • What is the Po.et’s applicability range?

Po.et is an open net that removes a gap between the creators and publishers. This allows for finding easily new content or verifying existing one. All this is possible with highly transparent attribution system as blockchain allows for writing immutable data though they are still to be checked publicly.

Creating and issuing copyright licenses may be done relatively easily. By using cryptography both publishers and creators can make the licensing process automatic directly.

By resorting to that blockchain-based approach people may pay small rent for using any licensed content uploaded at Po.et. The payments are fully automatic which makes the platform quite enticing for use.

  • What about Po.et token?

Po.et may need own token for joining the market and improving content findability as well as gaining extra reputation on the platform, protocol modernization surveys and conflict resolution in the Po.et environment. Obviously, there is a great number of possibilities for this token and the system as a whole provided content-makers and publishers consider this project.