How to Make Crypto Portfolio? Expert’s Advice

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Cryptocurrency bull and BKCM Digital Asset Fund manager Bryan Kelly gave some bits of advice for investors and shared his view on a perfect crypto portfolio content in his interview to CNBC. As he said, understanding crypto world is the key point.

“Bitcoin is just the biggest of literally thousands of cryptocurrencies. [Cryptocurrency] is a world onto itself. It's its own market. And just like the stock market it has its own organizational structure”, Kelly noted.

He believes, investing in Bitcoin only is a wrong way and it is not to ignore other cryptocurrencies. Kelly also confessed, he invested about 90% of his capital to digital currencies.

The Investor has marked three blocks in the crypto market structure: coins with market cap over $10 bln, from $1 to $10 bln and those with less than $1 bln.

“It's not just the size of the coin, but how you use it”, added Kelly.

The investor explains that various digital currencies are used for different purposes like payment systems, saving means, etc.

So what structure of crypto portfolio is most preferable for Bryan Kelly?

  • 30% – popular currencies: BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.
  • 30% – platforms: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS and NEO.

“That's where the new apps are coming. On all of these platforms, new things are being developed. Thousands of people are building on top of it”.

  • 20% – cryptocurrencies with advanced anonymity: Zcash, Monero and Dash.

“Not just things you don't want people to see. But, maybe, if you're a big company and you don't want to show that things are moving around the world”, he noted.

  • 10% – applications: Storm, Metal and Salt.
  • 5% – exchanges: Binance, Zerox and Polymath.

“That's where all the money is being made right now”.

  • 5% – hybrids: Ripple, Stellar.

Kelly points out, these cryptocurrencies function as both currency and platform.