Early 2018 Top Cryptocurrencies. The Best and the Worst Ones

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Beneficial trading at crypto markets this year has been quite a task: even the aces of the coins have dropped down by dozens per cent. Bitcoin has fallen by 58% over 3 months and lost 66% of its ever maximum level. Most of cryptocurrencies have shrunk far more since January yet some of them still managed to generate profits to investors. A bunch of cryptocurrencies still green-lights, like Ontology for example (up to 120%) .

Prices for two assets only have risen since the beginning of this year: Digixdao, a gold-backed token, increased by 12% over three months and Bytom, China’s altcoin with 2%-growth. None of the both, however, hasn’t brought the revenue its holders would like them to. In fact, holding is the worst strategy of the year 2018 a trader might resort to. Apart from sheltering in Tether and margin trading, the most efficient strategy would be trading one of the following altcoins.

The best of the worst

A quick glance at the top-20 cryptocurrencies would let you know which recognized altcoins have made more success than Bitcoin over the last three months: Litecoin, EOS, NEO, Monero, Binance Coin, Vechain and Omisego.

On the contrary, if you tried to wait out Bitcoin fall having switched to altcoins, you would lose far more. Ripple and Cardano have lost 84% of their price in three months while NEM went down even further.