Bitcoin Hidden Messages: Where They Come From and How To Make Your Own One?

bitcoin blockchain

People have been adding hidden messages in the Bitcoin blockchain since the very first block has been mined. Although most of them are not that well known as Satoshi’s Times headline dated January 3, 2009, each of them will live as long as blockchain does and be a reminder of mankind obsessed with stenography, spamming and… the most weird love confessions.

Bitcoin is stuffed up with hidden messages

There are six ways to encode messages in Bitcoin blockchain using fields like coinbase and OP_RETURN parameters. Each one have been used for many years for encoding cryptic messages, some of them being frivolous, some quite functional, others extremely shady. For instance, Bitcoin miners used this option to support Segwit protocol changes.

Now there is no need for you to do Bitcoin mining to encode your own messages in the blockchain for ever. There are detailed manuals for doing so. Those who is not in Bitcoin Core client setting, Eternity Wall does all the toil for you.

Memorable messages embedded in blockchain

Bitcoin blockchain has got at least six marriage proposals. These entries just like many others can be found by just entering necessary key word or phrase in blockchain explorer Blockchair.

But adding all kinds of swear words into blockchain has turned to be more popular. «Ni*ger» encounters today more than 60 times with most of them found in Bitcoin Cash. «F*ck» occurs over 1000 times which is just as frequent as «Satoshi». Generally messages encoded in blockchain do not stand out. Unfortunately, human eye is not designed for decoding hexadecimal, but there were some tools and projects developed to sort out all the mysteries Bitcoin registry keeps.

Graffiti fade away in today’s world, but every entry in blockchain gets saved unedited no matter how deep, politically concerned or offensive it is. The same is true for Bitcoin.