Is It Possible to Travel the World With Cryptocurrency Alone?

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Two years ago software developer Felix Weiss amazed the whole crypto community as he travelled around the world for 18 months using only bitcoins. As growing number of businesses start accepting payments in cryptocurrency the journey seems to be much easier to accomplish in 2018.

We have traced tourist services that accept crypto to see how luxurious or frugal your journeys might be if you dare to follow in the steps of Weiss.

Booking flights

There are several services for booking that deal with crypto payments., US-based online travel agency, was the first to accept bitcoins in 2013. To date the service processes payments in Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash as well.

Presently there are some other services that work similarly like Expedia,,, Japan’s Peach Aviation, Surf Air, airBaltic and A Bit Sky.

Finding lodgings

It is not that hard. Most of tourist agencies (including Expedia, Destinia, CheapAir) also allow for making a reservation for housing. Airbnb-like services, for instance, or cryptocribs, also let you pay with cryptocurrency. Regardless of location finding a lodging won’t be a tricky problem.

Meals for crypto

Well, this going to be challenging. Although you can book tickets and lodging in Internet via special services, you will have to find local restaurants that would accept your digital money. There are only some scarce restaurants and cafes around the world that do so. Try CoinMap app that will show you one that is ready to sell food for cryptocurrency.

If failing there is an option to buy crypto food stamps by services Gyft or eGifter. Local exchanges in some countries also allow for purchasing gift cards including food stamps for digital money.


Shopping with crypto isn’t that intricate as buying food. Again you may use CoinMap to find shops around.

The situation is much better if you find yourself in international airport of Brisbane, Australia: all sellers there accept payments in crypto.

But what if nobody accepts your cryptocurrency and you got no cash? The last resort for you is finding on of 3,500 crypto ATMs existing around the world to withdraw your money.

Number of companies supporting cryptocurrency has risen dramatically which has made the Weiss’s challenge easier to realize. Yet you’d better not to rely on cryptocurrency alone.