7 Signs That You May Suffer Crypto Addiction

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Do you check how Bitcoin price changed every time you wake up or go to bed? Do you always keep CoinMarketCap tab open in your browser? Is it difficult for you to sustain a conversation if it is not about blockchain?

We’ve got bad news then: you’re likely to suffer from cryptocurrency addiction.

Luckily enough, there are steps you may take to harness your morbid interest in crypto trading, at least as a group of Scottish behaviorist therapists state.

The experts from rehabilitation clinic Castle Craig Hospital told on the most wide-spread symptoms of crypto addiction and how you may reveal them. For your information, Castle Craig is a rehab clinic in Scotland which has recently extended its anti-gambling program to help people struggle against their obsession with digital currency trading.

Well, here are the 7 most popular symptoms of crypto addiction:

  • You spend much time trading cryptocurrencies, check prices and ponder over this all the time and forget about other things like job, communication and physical activity;
  • You have debts and financial problems due to losses caused by trading;
  • You lie to your friends and family about things you do or problems you face (like time spent for online trading);
  • You often have mood swings, feelings of despair and depression;
  • Anxiety that results in physical symptoms like profuse sweating and tremor;
  • Unrealistic convictions like sheer luck, chasing losses, and beliefs the next time is your turn to win;
  • Attempts to keep your activity in check without any success.

Unfortunately the therapists note that being aware of the symptoms alone is not enough. The addicts have problems with recognizing such sign in their own behavioral patterns.

“The person trading may be unaware of these negative effects, especially if they are trading successfully and making profits. Major consequences such as bankruptcy, loss of reputation and self-respect can happen, sometimes with devastating speed.”

As the experts say, all people tend to have a crypto mania even those who trades during their leisure time. The problem is getting from bad to worse due to favorable rules and low entrance for traders (opening account at an exchange often takes just some minutes).

“From our observations, people may begin trading in cryptocurrencies as a leisure activity, very part-time, but become hooked on the activity because of its addictive nature”.