Trading rules on Totalcoin p2p platform

Service fee - 1%

Trading rules for market makers

  1. It is forbidden to create ads that aim at disturbing other users.
  2. It is forbidden to create ads of one type for one payment system with crossed limits. Violation of this rule will result in a ban on creating two ads of the same type for one payment system.
  3. It is forbidden to reject trade requests without a valid reason.
  4. It is forbidden to choose nicknames, which are domains of third-party trading platforms, to mention such platforms in the terms of trade, to advertise them in the chat of the trade. 
  5. It is forbidden to artificially increase the number of successful trades.
  6. It is forbidden to embezzle funds if the buyer did not have time or forgot to click on the confirmation button, but made a payment in accordance with the terms of the trade You will be obliged to return the funds to the buyer. 
  7. It's forbidden to embezzle funds if the buyer transferred more money than initially specified in the trade, or made the transfer more than once by mistake. Refunds will be handled by our administrators on a case-by-case basis.
  8. It's forbidden to embezzle funds if you have transferred less than the original amount, unless it was done for fraudulent purposes. If such situations arise, it is necessary to return the money to the buyer or conduct the trade for the amount actually sent. 
  9. It is forbidden to send payment details and ask for payment before accepting the trade. 
  10. It is forbidden to post a sale ad in one payment system and accept payments through another payment system. Using another payment system is allowed when creating buying ads, but you must specify it in the trade conditions or in the chat that you will make a transfer through another payment system, and also give an opportunity to refuse the trade if the seller does not agree with it. 
  11. Any fees are prohibited. The seller must receive the full amount of the trade. Payment system's fee shall be paid in full by the buyer. 
  12. Deliberately complicating the terms of the trade in order to mislead users and embezzle their funds is forbidden. The absence of a certain comment on the payment cannot be a reason for cancelling the trade and refusing to refund the buyer.
  13. Any attempts to change the terms of the trade after it has begun, including changing the price and details, with the exception of situations where the original provided details are incorrect, which make it impossible to make a transfer.
  14. You must be fully aware of the risks associated with a particular payment system when creating an ad, and take them upon yourself. Payment delay due to the fault of the payment system cannot be a reason to cancel the trade and refuse to refund the buyer.
  15. You have the right to refuse the trade and fully refund the buyer after the transfer was made if you are not confident in the safety of the trade or for other valid reasons, for example due to an error with the exchange rate of the ad. You have the right to refuse the trade and not to return the funds sent to the buyer in case of a gross violation of the terms of the trade by the buyer. 
  16. Remember that the more detailed you describe the terms of the deal, the fewer disputes arise in trading. 
  17. The terms of the deal must comply with these rules, otherwise they are invalid. 
  18. Totalcoin administration reserves the right to offer a compromise solution to disputable situations.

 General trading rules

  1. Any attempt to defraud or mislead users is forbidden. 
  2. Any attempt to withdraw a payment after successful completion of a trade is forbidden.
  3. Transfers through third parties are prohibited. 
  4. Embezzlement of funds received by mistake is prohibited. Violating terms and conditions of a trade is not a mistake
  5. It is forbidden to start a trade in order to block seller's funds.
  6. It is forbidden to send fake screenshots.
  7. Threats and disclosure of personal information is forbidden.
  8. Communication in the trade chat must be mutually respectful, without insults or provocations. 
  9. Any attempts to change the terms of the trade after it has begun, including changing the details or price, are forbidden.
  10. It is forbidden to impersonate Totalcoin employees and representatives. Do not use the words Totalcoin, Moderator, Administrator or derivatives thereof in your nickname.
  11. It is forbidden to advertise any third-party sites and trading platforms.



  1. There are the following penalties for breaking the rules: a warning, restriction of the ability to create ads, temporary blocking of wallets, account blocking. 
  2. The choice of punishment depends on the severity of the offense and the damage inflicted.